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RNTrust Announces the launch of Complimentary eSignature E-BOOK along with 45 DAY FREE TRIAL LICENSE across the Middle East region for the Digital Signature Solution

Dubai (13th October 2020), RNTrust proudly launches a Free E-Book on Digital Signature by its product SPITrust along with a 45 days’ free trial license for Digital Signature Solution from their headquarter based in Dubai, UAE.

RNTrust helps you go digital in the right, secure, reliable, confidential, cost effective and hassle-free way. SPITrust is a digital signature product that allows you to electronically send, sign, track and store documents inside your firewall.

This is the first press release for SPITrust digital Signature product for giving complimentary E-BOOK and 45 DAYS FREE TRIAL LICENSE for Digital Signature Solution for limited users.

SPITrust is PKI based eSignature platform, fully customizable to meet your business flow, security requirements and seamlessly integrations with back office /ERP systems, SPITRUST can help you create better customer and employee experiences, while doing business faster with less risk and lower costs.― Mr Tomislav Hrisoho Chairman and Group CEO of RNTrust

For those looking for a partner to digitize your business process you need a Digital Signature Solution provider and this is exactly what SPITrust is. 

SPITrust product suite targets all organizations seeking to secure their paperless transactions. It provides an industrialized infrastructure with a web-based platform for rapidly implementing and integrating electronic / digital signatures into business processes and managing legally recognized elements of proof.

SPITrust Digital Signature platform is meeting Digital Signature regulations/guidelines by all the laws governed in Middle East Gulf countries.

RNTrust is certified for ISO/IEC 27001:2013. This is the highest level of international information security assurance available today.

RNTrust is also certified for ISO 9001:2015. This provides customers quality assurance that RNTrust meets stringent international standards on information security.

Avail the free ebook and also try out 45 days Free Trial of Digital Signature by SPITrust from their website www.rn-trust.com and social media channels such as Facebook, Linkedin or email us with your details at marketing@rn-trust.com.

SPITrust is easy and user-friendly. It reduces processing time and operational cost. SPITrust Digital Signature can be used anywhere, anytime and on any device. It helps streamline the document-signing process.

SPITrust Uses Global Standards for Digital Signature such as X.509 v3 Digital Signatures, PDF Signature format (ISO 32000-1, PAdES Basic/Enhanced/Long Term), Generating signed timestamps with RFC 3161 TSP Specification.

SPITrust is designed to guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of the sensitive information involved in the digital signature process. It is Uniquely connected to the signatory and also capable of identifying the signatory.

SPITrust provides Long Term Validation of Digital Signatures along with Proof Elements for legal purposes.

SPITrust also offers standard built-in connectors for other trusted services such as Certification Authorities, Time Stamping Authorities, HSM Signing Key, Active Directory / LDAP, SMS Gateway, T-OTP, etc.

SPITrust is secure and trusted. Trust the best, SPITrust!



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